About our Audio Drama

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where laughter echoes through the rubble. Journeys In The Dark, the brainchild of Robert Best and brought to life by David Barr, isn’t your typical audio drama. Created during one too many late nights at the Kilderkin in Edinburgh. Journeys in the Dark is a mix between Of Mice and Men’s Odd Couple and the post-apocalyptic dark humour of Red Dwarf.

This audio drama follows the adventures of our two mismatched heroes Hod and Baulder. Throw in supernatural monsters, bandits, and the daily fight for survival and you’ve got an absurd dark comedy audio drama podcast that’s sure to tickle your funny bone while making you question reality.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing. Recorded in 2016 but left on the cutting room floor. Years of delays, international moves, and more than one child almost left this gem buried in the dust. But in late 2023, the winds shifted, and production ramped up. Now, we’re on the brink of unleashing these oddball adventurers into the world. So grab your makeshift Geiger counter and your most comfortable headphones and come join us.

Follow us on Twitter for exclusive updates and news. We look forward to you joining us for Hod and Baulder’s odyssey. Buckle up, and welcome to the Dark.